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Business inquiries: Joined July 2011. 124 Following · 479.6K Followers · Tweets · Tweets & replies.

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@jerma985. Ran by: Twitter: ; @krowskiart. & ; @anzucanon. Instagram: ; @sweetlemondream. TikTok: Toof 100% Unofficial Reply/DM for post removal.

Jerma (@Jerma985) / Twitter

Hopping around all day playing some more Dark and Darker.

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Hi, we are jermupdate! We update on Jerma985’s streaming schedule, upcoming projects, and more.

Jerma on Twitter: “3rd day in @GothamKnights, Freaks are …

Freaks are taking over the city. Robin wants us all to do a Ghost Pepper …

Days Waited for Jerma to Play Driver 1: 1703 – Twitter

Days Waited for Jerma to Play Driver 1: 1703. @JERMAplayDriver. HE PLAYED IT ON 1/14/2023! Joined April 2022. 29 Following · 2,137 Followers · Tweets.

Jerma on Twitter: “Haven’t really talked about it, but I will be …

@KBMODJohn Only if you teach me comp level TF2.

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Jerma Out Of Context. @JermaOOC. Clips of Jeremy Elbertson tweeted Out Of Context | DMs open for suggestions. Las Vegas, NV…

Jerma on Twitter: “Darktide Launch day stream! Smush is back …

Wake up jerma. Jerma Wake up WAKE UP JEREMY WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP.

Jerma on Twitter: “Happy new year though. For real. See you …

1. jan. 2023 — New years resolution: learn to set clocks. Happy new years.

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