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whoops on Twitter: “this dunkey “controversy” is funny to me …

I found Dunkey videos very funny, even when he just jokes around a game I like (like in this case). But yeah that tweet crossed the line.

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22. sep. 2022 — lol dunkey starting a publishing company with the ethos “i have played so many games i know what makes them good and bad so i will only …

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22. sep. 2022 — Can’t believe dunkey started a video game publisher with no experience instead of taking the normal approach: getting a Harvard MBA, …

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videogamedunkey · Ultimate Skyrim · Videos · Dunkey’s Greatest Hits · More Bunkey · Popular videos · Serious Videos (with no jokes) · Donkey Kong December · Demo Discs.

Why is Twitter mad at Dunkey again? – Reddit

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Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow (born January 30, 1991), known online as videogamedunkey or simply dunkey, is an American YouTuber known for his YouTube skits and …

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Dunkey tried to shift the blame onto sonic fans on by saying on twitter that they supposedly review bombed their own game to make him look …

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