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API – hjelpesenter

API – hjelpesenter

API’et er et grensesnitt som gir tilgang til søk, filtrering og uthenting av Tilgang til API’et gjør det mulig å lage verdiøkende, … åpner dørene til data og funksjonalitet med API’et er et grensesnitt som gir tilgang til søk, filtrering og…

FINN API – Getting started

If you got your API-key and are ready to do some coding this tutorial will help you get started. 1. Make sure your API-key is working. Try a simple curl-command …

FINN API Developer Resources –

FINN API Developer Resources

The FINN API provide a RESTful interface to many of the website features such as ad-search and ad-view. It is available to advertisers and business partners …

FINN API – Documentation –

FINN API – Documentation

API resources: Service document · Search · Ad · Ad model · Image sizes. Other: FINN extensions · Evolution strategy · How to build REST clients …


API-access is a product any advertising organisation may include in his business relationship with FINN. Please, instruct the customer to contact his business …

Search API documentation –

FINN API – Search API documentation

The model href is found in the model -attribute. Location: Methods:.

FINN API – FINN extentions –

FINN API – FINN extentions

Atom extensions: This document is a description of XML namespace. They have been designed to fit with Atom. This specification uses XML Namespaces …

Image sizes documentation – FINN API

FINN API – Image sizes documentation


Evolution Strategy – FINN API –

FINN API – Evolution Strategy

The evolution strategy of the API is gracefull degradation over versioning. This means you will not see /v2/ in the URLs. Instead you (the client) will have …

Service document API documentation –

FINN API – Service document API documentation

The Service Document contains several Workspaces describing different types of resources. Location: Methods:.

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